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Baby Milk Bottle Breast Milk Storage Barrel Fresh-keeping Cup Single/Double Barrel (Color Random)

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* Special note: A bottle with a handle can't fit! Remember to remember!

* Material: handle: polyvinyl chloride; split liner: polyethylene; insulation layer: polymer; waterproof outer layer: polyvinyl chloride

* Packing box size: barrel body: Height: 9.17 inch; inside the barrel: Height: 8 inch; inside a single barrel mouth: Diameter: 2.73 inch (suitable for most baby bottles)

* Outer dimensions of the barrel: width: 3.9 inch, height: 9.17 inch

* The diameter of the bottom of the general beverage bottle is only 2.54 inch!

* Introduction: Both standard and wide-caliber baby bottles can be used, and the heat preservation effect can reach 3-4 hours. Easy to clean. Lightweight and meticulous, with handles, easy to carry. The outer layer is made of waterproof material, and the mouth of the bottle is zippered, which is very practical convenient!

* Instruction of holding time: The holding time of product introduction can reach 3-4 hours. As the test environment is different, the holding time is also different. Some buyers report that the heat preservation time is more than 4 hours, and some buyers report that the heat preservation time is only 2 hours. This mainly depends on the size of the bottle you use and the amount of water in the bottle. The larger the bottle, the more water, and the holding time must be longer under the same initial water temperature.

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