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6-pack Boxed Moldable Soft Silicone Rubber Ear Plugs for Baby Kid Bathing Swimming Sleeping Loud Events



* Material: flexible silicone rubber material

* Box size: about 2.34*1.95*0.7 inch, 6 pieces

* Features: sound insulation, noise reduction, arbitrary shaping, comfortable to wear, easy to clean, not easy to harden

* Shelf life: the service life of each earplug is 1 year

* Validity period: can be stored for a long time if not used

* Precautions for wearing style:

1. Wash your hands and take out the earplugs, knead it with your fingers to a ball shape

2. Slowly put the ball-shaped earplugs into the auricle, facing the mouth of the ear canal

3. Slowly press the earplugs until the auricle is covered

4. When removing, slowly push up the back of the root of the ear to remove it

* Precautions:

1. Infants and children please use under parental care

2. Please wear it correctly, otherwise the use effect will be reduced accordingly

3. If the product's sanitation or adhesion has decreased, please replace it in time

4. If you encounter difficulties during accidental removal, please do not forcefully remove it, and seek help from a doctor in time

5. Do not use during diving (when the water depth exceeds 3 meters), and do not use during diving

6. This product is an on-ear product, it is forbidden to plug all into the ear canal

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