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PatPat x Naia, Unparalleled Comfort with Eco-friendly Fabric Technology (As low as$3.99!)

Nov 1, 2023



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Eco-Friendly: Fabric produced by low-impact manufacturing process

PatPat, the leading children's apparel brand in the U.S., has taken a remarkable step by becoming the first to globally embrace Naia™, a sustainable fiber. In its pursuit of eco-friendliness, PatPat's choice of Naia™ not only ensures gentleness on babies' skin but also on the planet.
What is Naia?

Naia is made from 60% sustainably sourced wood pulp and 40% non-recyclable waste. In its closed-loop production process, solvents can be safely recovered and reused. This fabric biodegrades and decomposes in the ocean within a few months.

PatPat Image
PatPat Image

Naia™ stands out with its certified biodegradable properties and closed-loop production process, aligning perfectly with PatPat's mission to reduce environmental impact and shape a brighter future for the little ones who wear their creations.
With a global presence, serving 21 million customers across over 140 countries, PatPat has exciting plans to integrate Naia™ into even more of its products, reaffirming its commitment to quality, sustainability, and comfort for kids worldwide.

Skin Friendly:Where soft meets safe for your baby's skin

Beyond its sustainability, Naia™ offers an exceptional level of ultrasmooth comfort and hypoallergenic properties, catering to the needs of sensitive baby skin.
With inherent quick-drying and cool-to-touch properties, fabrics made with Naia™ cellulosic yarn keep your baby's skin feeling cool and dry. Due to the hypoallergenic nature of the fiber, fabrics made of Naia™ are skin friendly, ensuring comfort for even the most sensitive skin.
PatPat Image

PatPat Image

Easy Care:Elegance and effortless maintenance for kids

Elevate your little one's wardrobe with garments crafted from Naia™ fabric. These pieces are a breeze to care for, allowing you to maintain their pristine look with ease. Whether it's home laundering or managing odors and pilling, Naia™ excels in all aspects. Even those stubborn stains like red wine and coffee are no match for its stain-removing prowess.
With Naia™, your collection doesn't just showcase stunning aesthetics; it also delivers practicality for your child's everyday adventures.

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Baby Girl Allover Animal Print Long-sleeve Naia™ Dress   AS LOW AS$4.00$19.99

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2pcs Baby Girl Floral Sweet Long Sleeve Jumpsuit Set   AS LOW AS$9.79 $13.99

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Christmas Family Matching Allover Letter Print Burgundy Long-sleeve Naia Pajamas Sets (Flame Resistant) FROM $11.04

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PatPat Image

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